NYPD Banned Machine Gun Kelly from his NYC Highline Ballroom Performance!

WOW! The NYPD Banned Machine Gun Kelly from his NYC Highline Ballroom Performance! details below!
Cleveland, Ohio rapper known as Machine Gun Kelly announced today via his Twitter account @machinegunkelly and on G-Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid during his Shade 45 radio show, that the NYPD has banned him from performing at tomorrow’s show in New York City at the Highline Ballroom.

While details are still being confirmed, MGK made it clear via his Twitter account that he will not be performing despite his desire to perform for his loyal fans.

“PSA: the NYPD have banned me from tomorrows show at the Highland Ballroom. I’ve been wrongfully stereotyped because of a bullshit story…,” MGK told his fans from his Twitter account @machinegunkelly

“I’m tired of paying consequences for false shit! I leave blood, sweat and tears on the stage everynight for my fans! They deserve that show,” MGK told his Twitter followers.

MGK was likely referencing a story that recently emerged after a MGK was sued for cutting a bouncers hand in a bar brawl in St. Petersburg, FL back in January. After the incident MGK was arrested for disorderly conduct and released on $100 bail at around 4 AM.

According to TMZ, a bouncer named William Long filed the lawsuit this week alleging that MGK attacked him with a bottle back in January after he reportedly threw the bottle at the bouncer.

In addition MGK stated that the NYPD has banned the show in response to the Drake and Chris Brown situation that caused several innocent people to be injured.

MGK assured fans he would be back despite the current ban and change of schedule.

“I will be back to give my NY fans the show you deserve!”…….www.viewhiphop.com


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