Seems Meek Mill has Been Blacklisted From The NY Club Scene?

Has Meek Mill Been Blacklisted From The NY Club Scene?
By Susanna Osborne

MEEK MILL was one sick puppy as he tried to have a good night in NYC yesterday. By the looks of his tweets, it seems as though the Philly rapper can’t gain entry into any of the city clubs!

Meek was involved in a fight at W.I.P nightclub with fellow musicians CHRIS BROWN and DRAKE last month, where Drake’s security guard, several bystanders and Brown were all left bloody due to bottle throwing.

The clubs may not want to take the risk of letting any people who were involved that night into their clubs, and with very good reason.

W.I.P is reportedly being sued by TONY PARKER for his eye injuries, in addition to being shut down by the NYPD earlier this week and losing their liquor license!

To make matters messier, no one really knows who threw the first bottle or who was actually involved. Meek seems to think the issue is more about his race.

He tweeted: 

I don’t got no love for these clubs that discriminate against a certain race! Fuck you…u won’t get these racks!

It’s unclear what the issue is really about, but after the damages suffered by W.I.P last month, it seems sensible that Meek, Chris, and Drake might be asked to vacate the premises of other clubs.

So, is it back to house parties for Meek?

The GoodFellaz.Inc


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