The Real Cause Of Kerry Kennedy’s Accident & Arrest

The Real Cause Of Kerry Kennedy’s Accident/Arrest
Written by: MelissaIFWT

Although many reports claimed that Kerry Kennedy’s accident and arrest was a drug-related issue, the real cause has been released.

Kerry Kennedy invoked the seizure defense to hide her shame.
In Judge Elyse Lazansky’s packed tiny night court in upstate North Castle, the 52-year-old daughter of Robert F. Kennedy crossed her arms as she pleaded not guilty to driving while drugged up — after nearly killing herself and several other drivers on I-684 Friday morning.
It felt like family history repeating itself — another Kennedy in the spotlight for crashing a car.
Uncle Ted said he took a wrong turn in Chappaquiddick. Cousin Patrick said he popped an Ambien sleeping pill and then slammed into a Capitol Hill barricade in the middle of the night.
Kerry Kennedy, wearing bright red lipstick and a touch of blush on her cheeks, claimed a secondary Patrick defense as she read a statement after being released on her own recognizance until an Aug. 14 court appearance.
“I have never had a history of drug and alcohol abuse,” she said, explaining her interaction with cops off Exit 3 after her Lexus SUV smashed into a tractor-trailer on the highway.
“I was asked if I had taken any medications. I volunteered That I take two prescriptions — one that I take everyday for a thyroid condition and another, Ambien, which I take on average about once a month to help me sleep.”
“I told the officer that it was theoretically possible that I had mistakenly taken an Ambien instead of the thyroid pill early that morning.”
That’s assuming Ambien pills and thyroid pills look the same — they usually don’t.
Kennedy recalled waking up at her Bedford home, having coffee and then heading to the gym, taking her gray Lexus onto Interstate 684.
“I remember getting into the highway and then I have no memory until I was stopped at the traffic light. A police officer was at my door,” her voice cracking. “Shortly after I was stopped by the police officer my mind began to clear up.”
The ex-Mrs. Andrew Cuomo — mother of the governor’s three children — says tests she took at the hospital after the crash showed no booze, drugs or prescription pills in her system to explain why she was swaying and slurring her words.
Followup tests at Manhattan’s Mount Sinai Medical Center pointed to the real culprit, she insisted.
“An MRI showed a hyper-density which appeared to be the result of a head injury I sustained some time ago,” she said outside the courthouse, flanked by sister Rory and brother Christopher.
“A comprehensive battery of neurological tests showed symptoms consistent with right side of the brain injury.
“The accident was not caused by a sleeping aid but by a complex partial seizure. My doctor says this is the first seizure I have ever had.”
She said she might never have another seizure and pleaded for privacy while she continues her “medical treatment.”
Wearing a royal blue dress and a large crucifix, she did not mention her brother Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the widower of Kerry’s best friend, Mary, who committed suicide in May.
Mary’s friends cannot forgive Kerry for blaming Mary’s “lifelong demons” for her depression outside her funeral.
Or for writing an op-ed calling on “all Americans to join the national efforts to address the causes of depression.”
How about a philandering husband as a cause?
No wonder Kerry Kennedy needed Ambien.
Mary’s family and longtime friends say Mary did not suffer from depression most of her life. They think she was “gaslighted” by RFK Jr. — made to feel that she was going crazy for no reason.
“Kerry,” said one friend, “has become the black sheep she made Mary out to be.”
Let’s hope Kerry Kennedy gets that “medical treatment” to cure her blackouts, so she doesn’t put the lives of other drivers on I-684 in danger, like trucker Rocco Scuiletti last Friday.
She finally showed good judgment Tuesday while driving away from the courthouse — in the backseat of a blue Toyota.

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