Phelps and Lochte showdown to boost action

Phelps and Lochte showdown to boost action

Rival American swimmers Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte go head-to-head in a battle that will be a highlight of Olympic competition on Saturday, the first official day of the Games.

Phelps and Lochte will compete in the men’s 400-meter individual medley, a race that combines four different swimming styles.

Phelps is looking to add to his pot of Olympic gold as he currently has a total of 14 gold medals from previous Games.

Lochte, thought of as the biggest threat to Phelps, is hoping to live up to the hype.

The highly anticipated match-up has had many choosing sides.

Presumptive GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said he is leaning towards Phelps.

“I think it’s more likely to be Phelps but I don’t know,” Romney said Friday during the opening ceremony.

Legendary swimmer Mark Spitz, winner of seven medals at the 1972 Olympics, said he thinks Phelps’ experience will help him in the grueling 400-meter individual medley.

“I put my money on Michael,” Spitz said. “It’s going to be a good race. Any time they are swimming together it is going to be a great rivalry. A great competition.”

But the Phelps-Lochte race is not the only highly anticipated swimming showdown Saturday.

Source: CNN

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