Roc Nation preasents The ” ORA” of Rita Ora

The Ora of Rita Ora

By Life and Times

On the release of Rita Ora’s Roc Nation debut ORA in her native U.K., Life+Times looks back at her past thoughts on recording the album, music and her sound along with some exclusive photos and live performance videos.

Rita Ora:
“It’s going to be such an amazing experience. I’ll be really proud of myself. It means a lot to me, for my team, for my family.”

“Music to me, is like basically what I am. My whole life I’ve just been writing and recording on my laptop, wherever I could record. It’s one of
  those thing where I can’t do anything else.”

“I would say that my sound is very eclectic, it has lot of different genres in it… I have a bit of reggae in there, a bit of No Doubt – actually, a lot of No Doubt influences in there, I have some ’90s hip-hop like B.I.G, so it’s basically just what I grew up listening to, you know?”

“JAY Z’s my boss, but he’s also one of my friends. During [the last three years] we obviously got to kind of know each other and I’m really, really gratetful to have a voice like that on my team.”

More on Life+Times


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