Return of The Nemesis, Obama re-elected once again as US president

Writing in the Financial Times, Jurek Martin says Republicans face a tricky situation now their nemesis has been re-elected. “With the country on the brink of the fiscal cliff, it is the Republican party which must decide whether or not to deal with a re-elected president whom it loathes, but has failed to unseat.”

In the House of Representatives, Republicans will retain control, with Democrats gaining just two seats overall. That will leave us with an almost identical situation to the past two years, with a divided Congress and a Republican party bitterly opposed to the president. Will something give in Washington?

Meanwhile, in the Senate, where one-third of the seats were up for grabs, the Democrats have successfully held onto their majority. They currently hold 51 seats, with the Republicans on 44. Two indepdents have won seats and we await the results of the last three races, in Montana, North Dakota and Nevada.

With votes still being counted in several states, Obama has captured 49.9% of the popular vote, but holds only a narrow lead over Romney, who is on 48.6%. About 110 million votes have been counted so far. But of course, remember – the popular vote means nothing as the US election is a state-by-state contest.

After a day of voting across the US on Tuesday, Barack Obama has secured re-election with 303 electoral college votes. Mitt Romney conceded defeat and has just 206 in the bag, well short of the 270 he needed to win.

With much of the world now waking up to news that Barack Obama has won re-election, perhaps it’s time for a recap of the night’s events…

Steve Rosenberg BBC News, Moscow
tweets:” Just called the Kremlin to ask ‘Has President Putin congratulated President Obama?’ Answer: ‘Not yet’

Mohsen Asgari BBC News, Tehran
sends this from Iran’s capital: Many in Iran were concerned that a Republican win would mean war, while the victory of Barack Obama makes life safer for the people because the 5+1 countries as well as the US will move quickly to set up a new round of talks over Iran’s nuclear programme. Pro-democrat figures in Iran believe Barack Obama is better prepared to continue on his path to make things right with Iran.

Martin Patience BBC News, Beijing
sends this from the Chinese capital: President Obama’s victory comes just a day before the start of China’s once-in-a-decade leadership change. So, for China’s leaders the focus for now is firmly at home – and not across the Pacific. Yet relations between the two countries have been strained in recent years. With President’s Obama re-election, there has been no change in the White House. But in the coming days, there will be all change in China. And that means Washington will be left trying to get the measure of China’s new leaders.

Source: BBC


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