Hugh Hefner & Crystal got married

It’s all over but the partying for Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris … who finally tied the knot on New Year’s eve at the Playboy Mansion — after a brief 18 month time out.Sources at Playboy told TMZ Crystal walked down the aisle around 7PM in front of an intimate group of family and friends — a much smaller gathering than was originally planned for their June 2011 wedding.That was canceled when ex-Playmate Crystal left Hef at the altar … pulling the plug on their relationship days before the wedding.We’re told Crystal moved back into the mansion earlier this year, sorted out all the problems with Hef — and then they decided to try the whole marriage thing again.This is 86-year-old Hef’s third wedding, and 26-year-old Crystal’s first attempt.If nothing else … their reception should be kick ass — it’s the annual NYE bash at the mansion.

Source : TMZ


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