No “f***’n problem” A$AP Rocky on the boat with GQ

The Legend of A$AP Rocky.

Mark Anthony Green – I once saw Harlem-born rapper A$AP Rocky silence a party of 150 people just so he could hear the ringer of his iPhone, which he’d misplaced. The people listened. His phone was found. Rocky’s cocky ascension into stardom has been one part dope rhymes, one part highly evolved style.

“I wanted to model when I was younger,” says Rocky. “I was always into clothes and shit.” It’s a fact that’s constantly reinforced by his lyrics (Drop-crotch Jeremy Scott pants, bitch it’s Hammer time) and by menswear blogs that practically worship him. “I’m the man on those things,” Rocky gloats. “I don’t really look at them. Well, I guess I do, but only when I’m looking at myself. I inspire me.”

And that’s the third ingredient in his ascension: star power. The man behind hits like “Fuckin’ Problems” has a cool so untouchable it landed him on a world tour with Rihanna and earned him the assurance that as long as he’s got an army of fans, he’ll never lose his phone again.

Check out more pics from the photo short »Here«

Source: Mark Anthony Green for GQ

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