Critics say, Kanye West’s Yeezus Is Manic, Melancholy and Brilliant

Kanye  shut the rap game’s whole s*** down with ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’, 2010’s positively bloated force that had the world realizing the inadequacy of that very term, rap. Because, in addition to being at turns beautiful, dark, twisted and fantastical, MBDTF was also unmistakably Ye’s —  the product of the only guy who could have pulled off such a superhuman feat, yes, but who’s also built his career on extrapolating others’ sounds and making them, inventively, his own. With Yeezus, the proper solo follow-up, Ye reveals himself as even more eccentric and cocky than he’s been in recent years. And given that the 36-year-old makes his best music when he’s most willing to get right up in our faces, what we have here, blessedly, is a nearly too-close-for-comfort look at one of our leading provocateurs’ neurotic makeup.

To top it all, on the mere sonic front,  Yeezus is an album alternately metallic, manic and melancholy, with top-dollar samples ranging from Nina Simone’s “Strange Fruit” to Pusha T’s “Blocka,” plus overlapping cameos from Chief Keef and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. But more on all that later — most pressingly, this is a document so indicting that you worry whether you’ll personally be called out by the time it’s done. Learn more about Yeezus «Here»

Source: Mike Madden for TIME


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